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A Guaranteed Pathway to Advisory Clients on Demand

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You Are in the Right Place if...


You want to predictably FIND, ATTRACT and CLOSE your ideal financial advising clients even if all of your previous marketing efforts have failed.


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Here's How Financial Advisors Predictably FIND, ATTRACT, and CLOSE Their Ideal Client.

Does This Sound Like You?

Do you feel overwhelmed with figuring out how to approach digital marketing?

Do you find Facebook ads confusing and believe they just won’t work for you or find it hard to keep up with changing social media algorithms?

Do you feel that buying leads are expensive, too hard to close and you hate giving up ongoing revenue to leads companies?

Do you find content marketing to be time-consuming or that there’s so much competing noise that it’s hard to get attention?

Do you feel that too many marketing courses address coaches instead of financial advisors that have to work in a highly regulated industry?

Do you feel that you can’t predictably close prospects because you don’t want to be known as a pushy salesperson?

What if There Was a Better Way?

Imagine having a predictable lead engine that delivers qualified prospects to you that you even have to start a waiting list to meet with them all.

Imagine knowing for a fact what your ideal prospect is looking for and dialing in your messaging so you’re the only viable option in their mind even if there are tons of other advisors serving that population.

Imagine developing and owning your own pool of prospects that you have 24/7 access to without having to spend years cultivating a following.

Imagine being more present in meetings because you know for a fact that your offer is the best solution to your prospects' challenges and all you have to do is guide them on the journey.

Imagine finally being able to have the thriving practice of your dreams where you can spend your time taking care of clients instead of stressing about getting them in the first place.

Imagine being able to create an ethical sales system that anchors you at the same level of respect and expertise a medical doctor, lawyer or CPA enjoys without having to be pushy--ever.

"Imagine living with an abundant mindset and knowing that you'll be able to be selective about the clients you take on without sacrificing revenue..."

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What It's Like to Work With Us

What You Can Expect.


Understanding the Problem You Solve and Who You Solve it For

Not only will you get certainty on who your ideal client is, but also where to find them and what problems they're needing you to solve. NO GUESSES only CERTAINTY.


Creating Messaging For Your Ideal Client

You'll create messaging that combines the depth of your knowledge and experience with the words your ideal client needs to hear in order to take action.


Qualifying Prospects Before They Get in Front of You

You'll leverage systems that create friction for window shoppers while building resolve for your ideal client---resulting in only meeting with potential clients that are a good personality and financial fit.


Leveraging Paid Promotion

You'll utilize paid promotion to fill your "pond" until word-of-mouth, SEO and your brand notoriety can do the heavy lifting all by themselves.


Scaling & Optimizing Your Outreach

Once your messaging is solid, you'll scale and optimize your outreach without creating extra work for yourself---resulting in lower paid promotion costs and broader reach.


Closing Clients Through Consultation

You'll leverage a sales process that naturally builds trust and anchors you at the same level of respect and expertise a medical doctor, lawyer or CPA enjoys without having to be pushy--ever

How you'll be supported.

What People Say About Us.

"I've seen first hand the systems that Marlon used to go from struggling advisor without a steady stream of prospects to having a full calendar, six figure annual revenue, and extremely high closing rate within 12 months. After Marlon shared his systems with me, I saw a MASSIVE change in my business. If you need help with marketing and systems, then Marlon is your solution. You won't regret it!"

- Justin Green, CFP®, MSPFP, Owner Assist FP


Who Do You Work With?

We work best with Financial Advisors, RIAs and B/D reps with a minimum AUM of $50,000,000 in their practice or a minimum of $500,000 in Gross Revenue. Our clients are comfortable with making a minimum annual investment of $25,000 into their client acquisition strategy.

What are Your Client Dealbreakers?

We won't work with advisors who are ok with misleading their prospects with questionable financial strategies or who are members of questionable financial institutions (read as MLMs). The skill to persuade is a gift and should never be used to harm.

How are You Paid?

We offer two levels of consulting engagements that are billed at a flat rate per engagement. Flat rate retainer services are available post out initial engagement. Our fees are listed transparently on our website.

Can I Only Work With You if I meet your AUM or Gross Revenue requirement?

Not necessarily. We are transparent with our fee. It’s listed on our website and it is a Premium fee. We find that discount seekers are not the best partners for us. If you are an ambitious advisor who is committed to growth and you don’t meet the asset or revenue minimums we will still work with you.

What's the difference between this program and all of the other advisor marketing programs?

We are not marketing "gurus" who have never worked as financial advisors or "just had a good idea". We are active owners of independent RIAs who currently use The Niche Advisor Blueprint™ in our practices with success


Meet Marlon.

Marlon owns and operates Wesh Financial LLC, a wealth management firm providing tax and financial advisory services to Traveling Nurses. 


Marlon grew his firm to six-plus figures with a 90% profit margin in under 12 months by creating and leveraging the system now known as The Niche Advisor Blueprint.

Marlon T. Wesh, MBA

Go-To-Market Consultant

How much it costs

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The Blueprint.png
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